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¿Cual de estos need for speed te gusto más? (ABIERTO)
08/07/10 (388 semanas atrás)
8 votos
Rótulos: encuesta, de, need, for, speed
cual es el mejor Need for Speed desde el 2000 (ABIERTO)
14/08/10 (382 semanas atrás)
6 votos
Rótulos: dsggfdgfd, gfdgfdgfdg, gfdgfdgfd, gygy
You've Nominated Your Favorite Charity's for a Free Branding Makeover! Now it's your turn to vote! (CERRADO)
14/06/10 (391 semanas atrás)
0 votos
Rótulos: tungsten_branding_agency, nominate_favorite_charity, free_branding_makeover, misssey, los_alamitos_youth_center_inc, lotus_outreach, center_for_career_and_educational_pursuits_inc
Who would you vote for today? (ABIERTO)
23/09/08 (481 semanas atrás)
8 votos
Rótulos: "vote, for, president"
hey! hows it goin!! i'm lucky, I have tattoos and piercings and listen to old school punk, I could not decide like many Americans who to vote for or believe? because no matter what don't believe the media! I felt as a voter Barak Obama was just to good to be true? so i did allot of digging to find out who he is and who is behind him with the money machine, Opra! and a few high roller rap stars, Exxon oil company and allot of foreign money? I'm a small business owner and a single father, I live in northern california, the collapse of the market do to bad housing loans, by fannie may and freddy mack, was blamed on the republicans? but the democrats have controlled congress and the senate for two years now? two executives from fannie may and freddie mack, former bill Clinton aids, has give Obama money for his campaign, 500,000 in contributions and help Barak Obama pick his vp running mate Joe Biden, Barak Obama has taken money from Exxon oil company but Obama claims John MCcain favors big oil, and MCcain is the oil company's buddy. Barak Obama has taken million of dollars in campaign contribution from illegal foreign contributors and has received campaign money from fannie may and freddie mack. but you will never hear the main stream news media say any thing about these issues, because it would make Barak Obama a liar and fake. (ABIERTO)
24/10/08 (477 semanas atrás)
0 votos
Rótulos: election
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